About veavz


Ukrainian-born and Manhattan-bred singer/songwriter/producer, Veavz, began her artistic journey when she auditioned for LaGuardia Arts High School without any prior training. She went on to graduate from LaGuardia Arts High School with a concentration in Vocal Music and was soon after accepted into Columbia University on full scholarship.

Currently in her final year at Columbia studying Sociology, Valeriya draws from her rigorously academic education and vast life experience to further develop her songwriting— diving headfirst into a range of subjects from current social issues to unique personal struggles. As a first generation Ukrainian immigrant raised by a single mother, Valeriya’s attitude reflects strength, resiliency and love.

Valeriya’s persona much like her lyrics is a beautiful dichotomy. Equal parts explicit and overt while remaining elegant and empathetic. Audiences are instantly transformed upon hearing the rare texture of her instantly recognizable voice with a maturity well beyond its years.